[2017-11-03] 聚变能源研究的挑战

[2017-04-20] Multiscale and Multiphysics Simulation of Composite Materials with FOOF (Finite element solver based on Object-Oriented Fortran) Environment

[2017-04-18] Magnetostriction Power Generation — Energy Harvesting Material for IoT System without Battery

[2017-04-17]Domain Decomposition Methods for Time Harmonic Waves

[2017-04-13] 结构动力学的连续阻尼模型及其应用

[2016-12-08] 惯性约束聚变混合驱动点火途径
[2016-11-14] Revealing Novel Phases and Laser-Matter Interactions under Extreme Conditions
[2016-07-22] Some techniques for building Artificial Boundary Conditions for Schrödinger equations
[2016-07-21] From attobeams to Kelvin-Helmholtz instabilities: kinetic plasma modelling at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre
[2016-05-17] 强场物理理论与实验研究最新进展
[2016-05-25] 金属材料中He行为的计算机模拟研究
[2016-04-26] Transport Bifurcation in Plasma Interchange Turbulence
[2016-03-31] Improving Energy Coupling for Fast Ignition
[2016-03-22] 高性能粒子模拟(PIC)算法
[2016-03-14] High power laser driven ion and neutron sources -- overview of research activities at QUB
[2015-12-29] Nanostructure surface passivation and ligand induced surface morphology changes
[2015-12-29] Quantized vortex stability and dynamics in superfluidity and superconductivity
[2015-12-08] 激光聚变高能量密度流体不稳定性研究 & 神光装置II升级装置间接驱动快点火内爆靶的理论设计和分析
[2015-12-01] 聚变堆包层材料的氚氦损伤问题
[2015-11-24] Stimulus Responsive Polymers Composites: Recent Status and Future Perspective
[2015-11-17] In situ characterization of defect-twin boundary interactions under heavy ion irradiation
[2015-11-17] R&D on fusion materials at SCK-CEN (Belgian Nuclear Research Centre)
[2015-11-03] Numerical simulation and theoretical analysis of the quantum transport equation
[2015-10-27] A Multiscale Micromorphic Molecular Dynamics (MMMD) and Its Applications
[2015-10-19] Measuring Matter at Solar Interior Conditions
[2015-10-13] 高能量密度物理学简介
[2015-09-15] Modeling and Simulation Challenges in Materials Design for Additive Manufacturing Applications
[2015-09-01] 离子密度扰动下的双等离子体波衰变
[2015-06-02] Superatoms: A Strategy for Designer Materials
[2015-05-30] 关于温/热稠密物质辐射性质的细致谱线研究和状态方程研究的分子动力学研究
[2015-05-26] 复杂流体系统的离散Boltzmann建模、模拟与分析
[2015-05-19] 强激光在临界面附近空间不均匀性的匀滑化研究
[2015-05-12] 六孔球腔研究进展
[2015-04-15] 系列报告——Milos M. Skoric
[2015-04-07] 核聚变堆关键结构材料的第一性原理研究
[2015-03-27] 激光固体靶相互作用和超热电子束聚焦效应研究
[2015-03-24] 超短脉冲强激光与表面结构靶的相互作用
[2015-03-17] 中心博士研究生最新科研成果报告
[2014-12-23] 高功率短脉冲激光场与物质相互作用中的几个热点问题
[2014-12-16] Computational Design of New Energy Materials and its Challenges
[2014-12-04] 强激光场中原子分子双电离过程研究
[2014-10-28] 壁流动转捩中的拉格朗日结构演化研究
[2014-10-21] Ab initio study of thermodynamically consistent physical properties of warm dense plasma
[2014-10-14] Ab initio and atomistic simulations of aqueous environments and nanomaterials for energy applications and material design
[2014-10-14] 快速做功非等压中心点火模型
[2014-09-30] Bringing astrophysics to laboratories
[2014-09-11] 直接驱动惯性约束聚变和激波点火中的1/4临界密度面附近的激光等离子体不稳定性
[2014-09-10] 一般动理学方程的模型约化
[2014-05-27] Multiscale Crystal Defect Dynamics:A dual-lattice process zone model to nanoscale plasticity
[2014-05-20] 钨纤维增强Zr基金属玻璃复合材料长杆弹侵彻钢靶试验研究与数值仿真
[2014-05-13] 飞秒激光驱动电子束激发的超短X射线辐射
[2014-04-29] Towards Real Dream Beams: Key Physics of the Blowout Regime of Wakefield Acceleration and Recent Progress of L2PA at Tsinghua University
[2014-04-16] Simulation of Optical Properties of Nanostructures

[2014-04-15] 膨胀态铍状态方程和光学性质的量子分子动力学模拟研究

[2014-04-08] 数值相对论和双黑洞模拟

[2013-05-03] Correlating Neutrons Damaged Among Different Irradiation Facilities
[2013-04-18] 中子和离子辐照材料损伤研究
[2013-04-05] 激光等离子体加速器与最新研究进展
[2013-03-19] 谈谈统计物理特别是非线性动力学面临的挑战与机遇
[2013-03-13] Atoms in Intense Laser Fields: Semiclassical Approach
[2013-02-22] 我的科学生涯 (工学院特邀报告通知)
[2013-01-08] 博士后、博士生学术活动午餐会通知
[2012-12-11] Hybrid indirect-direct-drive ignition with double ablation fronts for inertial confinement fusion

[2012-11-15] Numerical Method for High Order Hyperbolic Moment System of Wigner Equation
[2012-11-15] Stable ion radiation pressure acceleration with intense laser pulses
[2012-10-10] 冲击加载下材料动态损伤机制的数值模拟研究
[2012-09-26] 物态方程理论研究进展与高能量密度物理
[2012-09-07] 激光黑腔等离子体相互作用理论和模拟研究
[2012-08-10] Turbulence? Tachycardia? and What to do about it
[2012-07-11] Development of Parallel Computers and Its Applications to Platelet Modeling
[2012-06-02] A Framework of Nano Crystal Growth
[2012-04-28] Multiscale Modeling and Computation of 3D Incompressible Turbulent Flows
[2012-03-27] Petascale Particle-in-Cell Simulation of High Energy Density (HED) Plasmas?
[2011-12-27] Frank S.Tsung报告通知
[2011-12-20] 卡里普索(CALYPSO)晶体结构预测方法和应用
[2011-12-05] Understanding the Mechanical Properties of Fused Carbon Nanotube Network via Multiscale Modeling
[2011-11-04] 周培源讲座(第一期)
[2011-09-16] 行星际高能粒子的传播研究
[2011-09-08] 多尺度模拟与千万亿次计算
[2011-05-04] Lammps软件在材料冲击响应研究中的应用
[2011-05-03] 高能量密度区材料物性的理论研究


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